Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Even McDonald's says we're working too hard

The New York Times nailed this marketing phenomenon on its head:

"[M]arketers are urging workers to commit small acts of so-called rebellion — like taking a vacation, or going on a lunch break."

Ad campaigns for McDonald's and Las Vegas tourism are apparently picking up on "office burnout." As well as the shrinking lunch break in America. (Surveys and polling suggests that workers in the UK and European countries including Germany, are also increasingly skipping lunches, taking shorter breaks, or having lunches at their desks).

This ad from McDonald's campaign promoting limited availability sandwiches opens with a glum looking office crew and a female member of staff adamantly declaring "I'm going to lunch." A fellow worker moans, "Those days are gone now," while another looms out of an office to warn "Think about what you are doing."

Another co-worker also wants to abandon work for McD's, dramatically stating, "I don't want to be chicken. I want to eat it."

What was once a theme so well articulated by the Occupy movement has now been deployed in ads by savvy marketers aiming to score a few more dollars from the pockets of the already financially squeezed American worker.

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