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Hello All! Welcome to my fledgling blog, No to the Status Quo! Most of you checking out this site probably know me. For those of you who don't, I'm Heather Turner, and I study media. More specifically, my area of interest is understanding how the entertainment genre, political and corporate interests influence the mainstream news agenda. I also love journalism and have a bit of experience in radio and print. I have launched this blog as a means of publishing quality analysis and original reports on a range of political topics. In addition to publishing original independent content, I hope to contribute to increasing reader’s understanding of how spin and propaganda affects the headlines. This part of the blog is very much still in concept mode, but should see development in the near future. As part of this effort, NTQ! has recently launched a "spin & the media" section. This section focuses on political propaganda in the media, as well as other corporate-influenced aspects of the news media.

No to the Status Quo! is a concept I’ve had for some time- and I think that a broad rejection of the status quo, be it the financial systems or hyper-consumerism, etc., is quite fitting for the current political climate in which people all over the world are taking to the streets to defend their rights and push for progress. It is my goal that given time, NTQ! Blogs will grow into a platform that will facilitate lively and inclusive discourse among activists, freethinkers and anyone who has ideas and interest in changing the world for the better.

Notes for contributors:

NTQ! is happy to publish and repost articles (at author’s request) that fit with our objectives and style. Please submit articles and videos to notothequo@gmail.com, with the subject line “Blog Submission.” NTQ! also welcomes essay submissions from the general public. Essays will only be considered for publishing on our site if they are well researched and not plagiarized. For examples, see our new "essays" section. Essays can be 1000-3000 words. A bibliography is not necessary, but sources should be provided in hyperlinks if a sources section is not included.

Please adhere to our TOS when submitting work. NTQ! does not own the rights to user-generated content.

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