Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's already hard to vote in America

Rachel Maddow interviews Ann McFall (R), Volusia County, FL Elections Supervisor about new voter laws which have made early voter registration drives almost impossible. This new law has already led to two Florida teachers being fined $1000 for the crime of helping their students register to vote.


  1. This is where it stands in Mo. right now.
    I'll be watching this. Excellent post. discrimination-bill/

  2. Thanks for posting Progressive Observer. MO is just one state of so many that is facing these issues. The state could very well swing blue in the 2012 election, if the right people come out to vote. McCain won the state in 2008 by a very slim margin, such a slim margin that the exact tally was not confirmed until a couple of weeks after the election. With legislation like this, that possibility goes a bit out the window, doesn't it? (Along with the systematic crippling of voter registration organizations including ACORN).


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