Thursday, September 8, 2011

No to the Quo! 01

This is the first official podcast of the site! In this first edition of No to the Quo!, Nathan Rothwell and I give you an update on the week in American politics. And in our Spinning Out segment, we discuss Exxon Mobile's efforts to spin the media via. an extensive pro-Keystone pipeline/pro-fracking advertising campaign.

No To The Quo by No to the 'Quo

Note: Spinning Out begins at about 15:30. Here are some links to the videos Nathan and I discussed in this segment:

Exxon Mobil Keystone XL Pipeline ad

BP Gulf oil Spill Cleanup ad

Gasland director, Josh Fox, on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show

Cheers for listening!!


  1. I listened to it all...twice...just had to find out what that blue bar thingy was. Good job.
    Great Idea to post those video links that you spoke of in your podcast

  2. I am one who feels that if a politician's mouth is moving; there are lies pouring out; for anything but the unvarnished truth is a life of type..... If it is a large corp.; then they only worry about their bottom line and steal and cheat to bulk it up.... I deal one on one with people that prove they are human and not just homo-sapien dog shit animals only interested in their own butts..... So any voice that exposes the homo-sapiality of those that call themselves (human) is what the ignorance of people need; for they are weak minded and too often the society has them moving like robots to it's operation without questioning...


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