Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Small Government" Kansas Republicans pass sweeping abortion bill

Looks like another victory for conservatives who cry for smaller government... except for when it serves their agenda of stripping women of their health rights.

Shit. Toto ... I think we're still in Kansas.
John Celock has more at HuffPo:

The passage sets the stage for Kansas to potentially enact one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States, coming a year after the state passed measures severely limiting the types of buildings that could house abortion clinics. The bill now heads to the state Senate for consideration. Gov. Sam Brownback (R) told HuffPost in February that he would sign the bill, which he said he had not read.
The bill contains provisions to prohibit tax deductions for abortion insurance coverage and abortion services; to provide for a sales tax on abortion; to establish a personhood stance for when life begins; to limit late-term abortions; to prohibit state employees from performing abortions during the workday; and to mandate that doctors tell women that abortion cause breast cancer along with other state-approved health issues.
The bill also allows doctors to withhold medical information from a woman if it might lead her to have an abortion. It prevents medical professionals from facing a medical malpractice suit in the event that withholding the information adversely affects the health of the mother or child. A wrongful death suit could be filed in the event of the mother's death.
Here's the deal: if you believe it's your life's calling to be a moral crusader and tell others how to live their lives, go join the priesthood. Or better yet, become a politician. 
DON'T become a doctor. Everyone, let alone women, has the right to be fully aware of their medical situations and the full array of options. The hospital is no place to impose one's sexual morals on strangers, especially when they rely on medical professionals for their expertise.

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