Friday, February 24, 2012

NOW on PBS highlights fracking dangers

Josh Fox discovered that there's a profound problem with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

In Gasland, Fox documents the various health issues and environmental issues associated with fracking operations. NOW on PBS talked with Fox about his work and what he uncovered about widespread fracking practices in his award winning documentary on the subject. The biggest concern with fracking is what it does to local reservoirs and water supplies. There are a great deal of wells popping up in my running grounds back home in America, and in the areas my Cajun family transplanted to decades ago in some of the most beautiful country you have ever seen in Arkansas. Like other parts of the country where fracking occurs, no one really knows how some of the natural springs and aquifers work. Heck, in my corner of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, there are springs where no one has figured out where the water comes from and where it goes. Considering the risks with fracking, is it worth more than likely contaminating your and everyone else's clean water?

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  1. Roubidoux spring is about 600 ft. deep in the Spfd. area where most water wells are drilled.
    It's polluted, but not from fracking I don't think. But fracking does pollute ground water sources. I had to go 1200 ft. to find clean water. The Roubidoux spring is at the surface in Wayneville, but 600 ft. down by the time it reaches this area.


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