Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Roundup! Time Warp Edition

Let's do the Time Warp!
Not too long ago, the Republican party faced a choice after losing control of Congress and the Presidential race in 2008: they could moderate their tone and disassociate from Rovian propaganda tactics or they could push harder towards normalizing the extreme right. Well, we all know how its been going in American politics, so let's not kid ourselves here. The only question after the election ended and the Congressional theatrics began was, how far would the GOP go?

Now fast forward to now, where dropping in on mainstream media political discourse is like tuning into an alternate dimension, or even a time warp. This week's Blog Roundup: the top campaign season related stories that everyone on the internet seems to be talking about. Welcome to what could be the 1950's, 60's, 70's or even a touch of the 80's:

Talking Points Memo writer Evan McMorris-Santoro breaks down the GOPs time warp to the 1950s.

Crooksandliars delves into the classic Aspirin between the legs Foster Friess cure for conceiving.

When the time warp feels like somebody's idea of what history is, that's bizzaro-reality revisionism. Occasional Planet explains how Republicans Mythologize their History.

Suburban Guerrilla  notes that the Koch brothers are funding programs to teach children about climate change, or the supposed lack thereof.

And for some light humor, check out the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Generator, where all your nightmares and the scariest bits of history all mash into one incoherent storyline about how the Democrats are going to take your guns and gold.

Happy reading!

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